About Sanket

Born in a city called "Retire's Paradise", Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, with artistic, poetical and well-known family around. He grew up with the background around him where the combination of art and technology were in the ambiance to brush-up his creativity towards drawing, music and later to television production and programming. Creativity, Innovation and problem solving attitude are the qualities he has been praised for.

He started programming early in the teen age and learned to write HTML codes. Dad's news channel gave him exposure to the video production and learned graphics design, news editing and pre-production video processes. Proper education enhanced the ability to code with almost every programming languages and started working as a Software Developer and later climbed up to Sr. Website Developer. Family background and love towards what his dad does, motivated him towards film production and major video productions later on. Graphical creativity, interest and curiosity for new technology finally led him to the Human Computer Interaction, where the new world began for him.

With usability and user experience concepts, he started designing applications for end-users with their easiness in mind and focus. Somewhere between these two concepts, he found learnability more interesting and proposed his thesis for master's degree at Rochester Institute of Technology on "Performance Support System for Older Users of Technology."

After his master's defree, he started working as a Web Technology Specialist with Development and Alumni Relations, Rochester Institute of Technology, which was the place where he had been given an opportunity to implement his skills set of user experience, website development, graphics design, and usability concepts to dproduce end-user and internal web-based applications.

Currently he is working with Johns Hopkins University as a Sr. Web Programmer Analyst. His focus is on Drupal 8 website development and incorporate User Experience and UI for Johns Hopkins University Development and Alumni Relations websites and in-house web-apps.